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University of Central Florida's abstinence edu-game is just the best thing ever

Look, we really wanted to write a harsh diatribe about the University of Central Florida's federally-funded game development project: An Avatar-esque edu-game that teaches young girls to ignore the sexual advances of their contemporaries. We wanted to talk about all the things that $434,000 of taxpayer's money could have been spent on, or how silly of a concept a motion-controlled abstinence game really is. Unfortunately, our spite turned to pure, unbridled glee after watching this Fox News Report on the project.

Between the news-friendly gaming lingo ("digital puppetry," "jumping into the skin," "interactors," etc.) and the contorted, soulless husks that comprise the game's cast of sexually aware characters, the video -- posted just after the jump -- is a comedy goldmine. Dig in, gang.

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