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Amazon sees e-book sales surpassing paper versions, has Mirasol technology in the Kindle labs

Darren Murph

Following the launch of Amazon's third-generation Kindle, company CEO Jeff Bezos sat down to discuss the e-reader business with USA Today. We'd recommend giving the whole piece a look-see if you just can't get enough Kindle in your life, but a few choice quotes caught our attention. For starters, Bezos predicted that Kindle e-book sales will "surpass paperback sales sometime in the next 9 to 12 months," and that "sometime after that, we'll surpass the combination of paperback and hardcover." Considering that the Kindle platform is but 33 months old, and that books are just a wee bit older, that's pretty impressive. In a separate sit-down with Pocket-lint, Steve Kessel -- Amazon's senior vice president of Worldwide Digital Media -- teased us all with regard to a color version of the company's famed e-reader. 'Course, we've known that Bezos and Company aren't too hopeful about such a thing in the near-term, but we've yet to actually hear the company confess to having specific color alternatives in the lab. If you'll recall, we found Qualcomm's Mirasol demonstration worthy of laud back at CES, and according to Kessel, "that's in the lab." We're also told that a slew of other color options are always in testing, though, so we're doing our darnedest to not get those hopes too high. It ain't working, but still...

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