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Metroid: Other M's latest Japanese trailer beams in


We can't tell you everything that's being said in this newest trailer for Metroid: Other M -- not because we're jerks and don't want to, but because it's in another language. Japanese, to be specific. Thankfully, the characters introduced during this montage of CGI and in-game footage have their names kindly provided in English. Names like Lyle Smithsonian, Adam Malkovich and Brad "U.S." Treasury. (Only one of those is made up.)

There's also a look at some good old fashioned gameplay, from Other M's first 45 minutes or so, but also in later, more planet-y environments. The purpose of most of it is to show Samus using the various beams at her disposal -- plasma, grappling and the like. If you're more of a still-image person, Nintendo has also released some new shots from the game, which lands on August 31, including the really cool box art we won't be seeing in the States. Check 'em out below, and watch the trailer beyond the break.

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