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Motorola's EX112, EX115, and EX245 exposed enroute to Brazil

Chris Ziegler

If you think this dynamic duo is running Android, well... think again! Turns out Moto apparently isn't abandoning its Google-free low end just yet, with Celular Cafe -- a site that has developed quite a track record for leaking South American Motorolas -- showing a pair of new models that have all the smartphone looks without guts to match. The EX112 (pictured right) is actually available in two variants, with the second -- the EX115 -- featuring dual SIM capability; it's got a 3 megapixel cam, quadband GSM, full QWERTY (obviously), and apparently not much else. The EX245 on the right is arguably the more interesting of the bunch, stepping up to a full touchscreen while carrying over the same camera; what's particularly notable, though, is that it seems to be gunning for an Android-like UI with a widget-based home screen and a status bar that looks suspiciously similar to a variety of Motos with higher-end aspirations. No word on pricing, availability, or distribution, but we imagine these will be kept solidly out of the North American market.

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