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New GoldenEye 007 also coming to DS this year


When rumors were flying about a new GoldenEye game just before E3, both Wii and DS versions were supposedly in the works. But when Nintendo and Activision made it official during the expo, only the Daniel Craig-ified Wii game was announced (despite the DS logo also appearing on the official game page). Today, the DS version of GoldenEye 007 showed up again, this time in Nintendo's upcoming releases calendar that joined the company's quarterly earnings report.

Following the appearance, we confirmed with Activision that a DS iteration of GoldenEye 007 is, in fact, in development and will be released alongside the Wii game later this year. The handheld version will be developed by perpetual mobile game port house n-Space; though an Activision representative emphasized to us, "it's not a port." Additionally, both Daniel Craig (Bond) and Judi Dench ("M") will voice their characters in the DS game. We were tempted to ask about John Cleese, but then we remembered he's busy doing other, likely wonderful voice work at the moment.

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