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Prizmo provides optical character recognition on the iPhone


Prizmo is a popular OCR (optical character recognition) app for the Mac that allows you to scan documents and things like business cards easily and quickly, avoiding the step of typing them in by hand. Now, Creaceed has announced that it's bringing the app to the iPhone, so you'll be able to make use of the really powerful OCR software, all on the go using the iPhone's HD camera as a scanner.

As you can see above, it's pretty impressive. It's not just the fact that you can scan for text (I believe there are a few apps, including Evernote, that already allow you to do this), but all of the options that come along with it, including adjusting for brightness and calibrating the scanner.

Anything you scan gets included in a Spotlight search, and you can also share whatever you put in right off to Dropbox or similar Cloud apps. Very cool. Creaceed hasn't set a date or price for the app officially yet, so look for it soon on the App Store.

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