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Earbud packaging so cute, you can almost hear it

Trent Wolbe

In-ear headphones, like underwear, present a problem to vendors and consumers: there's no good way to try them out before you buy them, without sharing unsavory parts of your body with others by proxy. So what do packaging designers -- the only ones who can do an effective job of selling you things you can't test drive -- do? One of three things, generally: they keep it boring (Etymotic, Sennheiser, COBY), hit you over the head with xtreme street grafix (Skullcandy, WESC) or they get creative. Panasonic's RP-HJE 130 earbuds exist only in award-winning-designer-concept-land, but we can guarantee you our moms would just flip if they saw them on the shelf at Target, and they'd probably end up in our Christmas stockings no matter what they sounded like. Now can someone out there please make some disposable earbud sheaths for us, for demo's sake? Like those things the doctor sticks on the in-ear thermometer? Thanks in advance.

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