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Intellivision Lives! comes back from the dead this September


Virtual Play Games unearthed a collection of ancient relics, believed to have been called "Intellivision games" in their time. To allow modern audiences to examine these historical artifacts for themselves, Virtual Play has built a mobile exhibition called Intellivision Lives!, which requires only a Nintendo DS for admission. In other words, the publisher's putting a bunch of old games on a DS cartridge and selling it this September.

The collection includes classics like Astro Smash, Armor Battle, Night Stalker and Shark! Shark! (a precursor of Flow), as well as six unreleased games, for a total of 60 titles from Mattel's console. The DS touchscreen substitutes for the Intellivision controller's number pad, with an image of each game's custom controller overlay!

The last we heard of this project, it had been banished from DSiWare. It'll finally be out (as a cartridge-based game) this September, and we'll get a chance to play ... these games that have been out since 1982.

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