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Please publish Fractured Soul on DS


This message is for the many Joystiq readers who are also in charge of business development at game publishing companies -- or for those few impulsive, wealthy Joystiq readers eager to start a new business venture at the drop of a hat.

You see, there's this DS game Fractured Soul. It takes the "two worlds on two screens" concept (as seen in titles like Reflection and Chronos Twins) and makes a fast-paced arcade experience out of it, with the player shifting back and forth at high speed in both platforming and shmup levels. Unfortunately, we can't play it, because developer Endgame Studios needs a publisher. N3V Games has already signed on for Australia, so that leaves ... everywhere else in the world.

That's where you come in. Watch the trailer after the break and give it some thought.

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ATTENTION PUBLISHERS: Fractured Soul - Action packed dual screen platformer to be spread far and wide!

Grant Davies – Director @ Endgame Studios (Developers):

We always felt we were making a great, fun DS game with an innovative twist... but we never realised how much people would like it until yesterday, when we released our trailer.... 13,500 views in the first 24 hours and a slew of amazing comments. People are loving Fractured Soul! Right from when the DS was first announced, we've wanted to make a game that made full use of both screens. We always felt that gamers would embrace a game that truly fit the DS hardware. Fractured Soul is that game, and from the comments we've received so far, and the flood of interest on YouTube, gamers worldwide agree with us. (

ATTENTION PUBLISHERS! - We are in the final development stages for Fractured Soul and are looking to have the title signed for US and Europe over the coming month. If we have not spoken with you yet and you are interested in this title for either US or Europe, please get in contact with us as we would hate to miss out on your interest towards this fantastic title that is receiving great praise from the gaming community. Help spread this action packed thrill ride far and wide! (

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