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Ferrari: The Race Experience steers towards Wii and PSN


System 3 has announced yet another Ferrari-licensed racing game, Ferrari: The Race Experience, presumably a follow-up to last year's Ferrari Challenge Deluxe. Like System 3's previous efforts, this will be hitting both Wii and PlayStation 3. However, PS3 owners will only be able to find the game on the virtual shelves of the PlayStation Network. Why? System 3 explains that it's become too costly to deal with retail. "The vast amounts of money required in securing a decent in-store presence through co-operative marketing [makes it] easy to see why some games are doomed before they start. By going down a download only route, System 3 is quietly confident that it can service consumer demand directly and efficiently."

While many of System 3's future releases will be exclusive to download platforms, the company did admit that it can't give up on retail altogether. "Obviously we are not moving away fully from boxed product as we are committed to maximising our games across all formats and Wii games, for example, are still only released as physical product."

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