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Left 4 Dead's 'Tank' figure unveiled, busting through bank accounts


We've got some mixed emotions about the just revealed Tank mini-statue (statuette just doesn't seem fitting for a giant terrifying zombie), created by Gaming Heads for Valve. Sure, its detail is marvelous and it comes with a totally sweet, albeit miniature, pump-action shotgun, but it's also 325 real-life actual dollars for the "exclusive edition".

At 15 inches tall, you'd better have a real special place in your heart (and in your house, preferably a cage) to shell out that kind of cash. If you'd like to save yourself a bit of money, there's a less-exclusive version (limited to a run of 750) for $300, but unfortunately it comes with no mini pump-action shotgun. And frankly, we both know that's completely unacceptable. How else will you fight off the little monster when he goes after your throat? Hmmm? Interested parties will be glad to know that orders appear to be open as of right now, though the statue won't be set free until "Q1 2011."

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