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The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the best crafting?


Crafting is a strange subset of MMO play, when you think about it. For some folks, it's incredibly important; for the rest, chances are they hardly think about it. It's typically lacking the sort of interaction and feedback we get from combat, is a huge money and time sink, and usually offers less reward for more effort than raiding or other forms of loot acquisition.

Still, crafting is beloved by many for various reasons. It can be a great way to make money (depending on what you make and the market demand), it involves creation instead of destruction, and a crafty crafter can use his or her talents to help friends and benefit guilds. While most MMOs include crafting, it's rare to see a title rise above the bare minimum to fashion an engaging, intricate and beneficial system.

For you crafters in the Massively audience, which MMO would you say has the best crafting -- and what makes it so special? Is it the number of recipes or the randomness of the results? Have you found a game that hits that sweet spot of crafting perfection that made you stand up and cheer to the embarrassment of everyone else in the room?

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