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Japanese hardware sales, July 19 - July 25: Archaeological refutation edition


It's popular these days to call the 18th-century ship found beneath the remains of the World Trade Center nothing more than part of an old-timey land extension, helping New York City's financial district jut that much further into the Hudson River. We, however, know the real, actual truth behind its origins.

If these archeological nincompoops had even one brain between them, they'd realize that the ship was clearly from the future, carrying thousands of PSP Gos to future Japan (from the PSP Go-heavy shores of the future US, obviously) in an effort to spur sales with at least one Japanese demographic. That demographic, of course, is the Japan of today's grandchildren. We like to call it the "future demo." Go fig! Unfortunately, the ship seems to have gotten lost in time and ended up buried underneath the southern tip of Manhattan 200 years ago. Isn't that just the worst? And look what it's done to this week's Japanese hardware sales charts!

- PSP: 28,747 1,961 (7.32%)
- DSi LL: 24,189 1,695 (-6.55%)
- Wii: 21,092 1,147 (-5.16%)
- PS3: 19,420 53 (-0.27%)
- DSi: 18,202 1,884 (11.55%)
- Xbox 360: 6,056 120 (2.02%)
- DS Lite: 5,059 164 (3.35%)
- PS2: 1,475 32 (-2.12%)
- PSP Go: 831 324 (-28.05%)

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