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Cataclysm beta guild contest winners contacted

Brian Wood

Blizzard has chosen 500 winners of its Cataclysm Beta Guild Contest, and the winners have been notified via email. For the beta contest, guild leaders had to submit a 250-word essay explaining why their guild was deserving of an invite into the Cataclysm beta. The winners receive 10 Cataclysm beta invites -- one for the guild leader and nine for guild members of the guild leader's choice.

As with anything involving beta, this is also a prime time for phishing emails trying to steal your account info. If you received an email about winning the beta guild contest, here is what to look for to determine if it is legitimate:

  • The legitimate email contains no links. You just reply to the email with the information requested.
  • The legitimate email will ask for the full names and email addresses of yourself and your nine guild member selections.
  • You will not be asked for any password information.
The contest rules originally stated that 100 winners would be chosen for each of the five weeks of the contest, so it seems as though they've decided to invite them all at once. Note that the contest period is now over -- you are no longer able to enter the contest.

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