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LG Wink series custom crafted for 'Generation Z,' Gen Y need not apply (update: Cookie in UK)

Chris Ziegler

Generation Z, as far as we can tell, roughly refers to kiddies born between 1991 and 2009 -- which means that if you're the ripe old age of 20, LG's not really looking to target you with its new full-touch Wink line, specifically identified as a Gen Z special in the press release. Of course, considering the specs, you probably won't be shedding many tears; the entry-level Wink (pictured left) has just a 2.4-inch display, the Wink Style isn't much more generous at 2.8, and the "high end" Wink 3G (pictured right) seems to be the only one of the bunch with high-speed data. All three have 3.5mm headphone jacks, integrated FM radios, and microSD expansion, but if you're an American Gen Z'er, don't get too excited -- it's only slated for Europe and the Middle East this month followed by Latin America, the CIS, and "select Asian countries" later in the third quarter. Follow the break for LG's release.

Update: Turns out these will be using the longstanding Cookie brand for their UK launches: the Cookie, Cookie Style, and Cookie 3G, respectively.

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LG Wink first touch phone series for Generation Z

Seoul (Korea Newswire) August 02, 2010 04:40 PM -- LG Electronics (LG) announced today the release of the LG Wink Series, a collection of vibrant colored full-touch phones designed to match the unique lifestyles of young "Generation Z" mobile consumers looking for great style and great connectivity.

The LG Wink Series consists of three full-touch handsets: Wink, Wink Style and Wink 3G, all suitable for younger users or first-time touch phone users. Tailored for the distinctive needs of today's youth market, the LG Wink Series provides more versatile texting functionality, enhanced music options, wider social networking support, and a customizable, user-friendly interface and design.

Just as a wink is an affectionate means of communication between close friends, LG Wink Series was designed primarily for young mobile users who enjoy expressing themselves in unique and stylish ways whether by phone or one of today's most popular social networking tools.

All the Wink phones offer an intuitive and easy-to-use virtual QWERTY keypad allows for easy texting without the bulk of a physical keyboard.. The keypad can be switched from portrait to landscape mode, providing young users with a much more convenient texting method.

The LG Wink Series makes social networking much more enjoyable thanks to its dedicated user interface optimized for just this type of activity. Users can also keep in touch with their friends through instant messaging and email that support threaded viewing for easier conversations.

The LG Wink Series also includes a 3.5-inch headphone jack, FM radio and microSD slot for enjoying and easy sharing of music and movies. Add to this a stylish two-tone design and the fun cartoon-styled user interface and the LG Wink Series easily stands out in the full-touch handset market.

LG Wink
Designed to fit perfectly in the palm of a hand, LG Wink is the most compact phone in the line-up. LG Wink is proof that touch phones don't all look alike. LG Wink's compact form factor slips easily into a pocket or purse but still manages to include a generous 2.4-inch display.

LG Wink Style
LG Wink Style is the stylish phone in the series with a 2.8-inch LCD display and boldest design. Wink Style is available in a variety of color options with accents on the front button panel, making it one of the most fashionable full-touch phones on the market. The phone's colorful mix-and-match design will appeal to the young mobile generation's desire for self-expression.

LG Wink 3G
LG Wink 3G allows for faster connectivity and data transmission, always keeping users connected to friends and family. Its advanced e-mail feature utilizes the latest in push-delivery technology, instantly alerting users when messages are sent to any of their e-mail addresses. LG Wink 3G is a perfect choice not only for Generation Z but also for digitally active people who cannot compromise on network connectivity and design.

The LG Wink Series will be available in Europe and the Middle East starting in mid-August followed by Latin America, CIS and select Asian countries, including China, in the third quarter.

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