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Steampunk and the Pomodoro Technique creates The Amazing Mechanical Pomodoro


Last November, I wrote a post about the Pomodoro Technique of getting things done. The technique involves using a tomato-shaped kitchen timer to get you to concentrate on work for a set period of time before taking a mandatory break, and it's very useful for those of us who tend to get easily distracted.

Well, I'm also a fan of steampunk, so when an email from ThinkOrange introduced me to The Amazing Mechanical Pomodoro, I just had to bite. The US$1.99 app is probably the best looking Pomodoro timer I've ever seen, with a nice Victorian-looking set of instructions about the Pomodoro Technique, a lovely brass, wood, and ivory timer, and even a history of your completed Pomodoros.

However, there is a tiny bug about the size of an adult rhinoceros beetle in this app that currently makes it a bit worthless, other than being extremely nice looking. When the iPhone goes to sleep, the counter stops counting down. Since I don't wish to keep my iPhone's screen active during most of my work, that's a huge problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. The timer also gets reset to zero if you tap on the "How It Works" or "History" buttons at the bottom of the screen.

It's nice enough to make me want to put on a rough wool suit and hat to do my work, but only if I can also give my 27" iMac a bit of that Victorian flair before I start. Huzzah for the gentlemen and ladies at ThinkOrange for creating this beautiful mechanical wonder! Now if they can just make it work properly... Check out the gallery below for more screenshots.

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