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Zynga hires new CFO, Vranesh becomes chief accounting officer


For those of you keeping a diligent collection of Zynga executive trading cards, that 2009 Mark Vranesh as CFO card is about to become worth a whole lot more -- the social game company has just hired on Dave Wehner as its new CFO, pushing Vranesh to the chief accounting officer position. Vranesh's new position will have him reporting to the new CFO.

Wehner comes from a background in financial work, acting as the managing director at investment banking firm Allen & Co. since 2001. VentureBeat speculates that this hire could be one of many clues that the company is about to go public, but "a source familiar with the matter" believes that possibility is unlikely, instead positing that Zynga will continue hiring execs/buying other companies. Either way, we're still worried about the impending takeover of our lives by the Zynga/Google partnership. It's coming any day now, folks!

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