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BlackBerry Torch first hands-on! (update: video)

Nilay Patel

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We just got a quick hands-on with the BlackBerry Torch -- unfortunately our unit wasn't powering on. We're headed back for more in just a second and there's video on the way, but check the gallery for some hardware shots and some Droid X / iPhone 4 head-to-head action right now!

Update: We went back in for round two with a functional device -- the hardware is quite nice, and the keyboard feels similar to the Tour / Bold. Software-wise, we're still waiting to play with BlackBerry 6 in-depth, but it definitely feels like the OS overwhelms the hardware a little when it's really cranking -- for example, the phone basically locked up while it loaded Engadget in the new Webkit browser, but when it was done loading it responded smoothly to panning and zooming.

Update 2: We've got video, people. It's a little scattershot in scope, but it should illustrate the basic feel of the new OS. You can find it below the fold.

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