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Dance Dance Revolution stepping to PS3

Konami recently elected to make an announcement about one of its oldest franchises in a fairly unconventional way -- by adding the teaser image seen above to its Facebook fan page. As you've probably sussed out, the publisher announced alongside the image, "we're bringing DDR to the PS3." We're wondering how long they've been holding onto this announcement, considering the relative age of the box art and straight chubby PS3 seen in the teaser.

Almost no details surfaced about which iteration of the series would hit the console, or when we can expect it -- however, the announcement does mention the title will have a "launch party" on August 12. We're not sure if it means "launch party" in the traditional sense, or if they're only planning on "launching" the game's heretofore absent details. We've contacted Konami to figure out which kind of party we're dealing with, and whether or not we should bring snacks.

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