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Debunk: 'camera' reference in iPad configuration policy is likely a copy-paste error, not evidence of new iPad


Look, we don't doubt for a second that Apple's working on an iPad with a front-facing camera to support FaceTime. That's the obvious next step in Apple's relentless, iterative product-refresh cycle that keeps the money rolling in. But a story loose on the interwebs claiming "evidence" of Apple's intent is likely bunk, having more to do with a copy and paste error made by a low-level tech writer than Apple inadvertently revealing plans for the next generation iPad. As the story goes, Apple tipped its hand by adding a bullet to its "iPad in Business" deployment overview document describing the ability to restrict the iPad's non-existent camera via Exchange policy or configuration profiles. Thing is, the text is a word-for-word copy of the existing "iPhone in Business" document as shown in the image above. Move along folks, nothing to see here... literally, Apple already removed the camera bullet from the iPad document.

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