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Need for Speed: Shift 2 crossing finish line in early 2011

Justin McElroy

Another Need for Speed game entering the world is, at this point, less like the birth of a child and more like locating a new star. Sure, we're going to name it, but there's no need to Skype your Gram-Gram about it. It is in this spirit that we soberly yet respectfully report that a new star, NFS-2332, has been discovered in an EA financial report. It's being commonly referred to as Need for Speed: Shift 2 by scientists, and it's slated to crash into Earth between January and March of 2011, as rumored early last month. (Sorry, we didn't consider how horrifying that would sound when we started the analogy).

Though we can assume the sequel will keep to the simmier aspects of its predecessor, we know diddly else about the title at the moment. Here's hoping an ongoing EA earnings call sheds some light.

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