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Rumor: iPad config page mentions camera


It's already more or less a not-so-well-kept secret that the iPad will very likely have a camera eventually, but just in case you needed yet another hint that that's the case, Apple has provided. AppleInsider found a security document over on Apple's website (I think this is the one [PDF] though it appears to have been edited) that says the iPad has a restriction setting that will cut off "use of the camera" with an Exchange policy or a certain configuration. That would indeed seem to indicate that some future form of the iPad will come camera-equipped.

Or does it? While AppleInsider's document explicitly shows an iPad, here's the iPhone Security Overview, and it looks like a lot of the text was cut-and-pasted from the document for the little handset to the one about Apple's tablet. It's possible this is just a typo, basically -- whoever was writing the new document for the iPad just forgot to take out the part about restricting the camera. Since both devices run iOS, there are probably a lot of similarities between each, and a lot of reused documentation.

Even if this is just a mistake, though, the building evidence for a future iPad camera is hard to ignore. It's a sure thing that we'll eventually see an updated version of the iPad hardware, and once that comes around, it's hard to believe Apple isn't strongly considering putting a camera (or two) on the device.

[via Engadget]

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