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Batman, Phantasy Star Universe hit XBL Games on Demand


We're not sure how it happened. We could have sworn that Too Human was the only new release on Xbox Live Games on Demand this week (it was the only one listed by Major Nelson, after all). And yet, somehow, Batman: Arkham Asylum has appropriately emerged from the shadows as well. Joining the Dark Knight is Phantasy Star Universe, which recently received a shot in the arm thanks to a new update and a free expansion. Arkham Asylum can be had for a steep $40 (the GOTY Edition costs $50 in-store), while Phantasy Star Universe is $20. As usual, pricing and availability vary by region. Add Batman: Arkham Asylum to your Xbox 360 download queue ($39.99) Add Phantasy Star Universe to your Xbox 360 download queue ($19.99)

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