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Breakfast Topic: Hey, how'd he do that?

Anne Stickney

Being sat for a raid is never really fun, but it can be sort of relaxing just hanging out in front of Icecrown Citadel and chatting with people. The conversation roams from topic to topic until people start feeling silly and pulling out the random toys for the heck of it. What's more fun than the random toys, however, are the questions you get. Sometimes you do things that people didn't realize were possible, like turning into a flaming draenei (courtesy of the Brazier of Dancing Flames) while riding on the "Spectral Tiger" mount.

I've gotten other tells before from people who didn't know you could fish while sitting down. (Well, standing there all day would be tiring, wouldn't it?) Or from people who didn't know that hunters could feign death while disguised as just about anything. (Remember that rabbit buff from the Blossoming Branch? Try turning a hunter into one and asking him to feign death.) Or that the Celestial Steed will turn into a bizarre, blood-red beast if you ride it while you're under the Animal Blood debuff from Borean Tundra. Or that even druids in cat form can blow bubbles with pink gumballs!

Do you do anything that prompts people to say "How'd you do that?" Do you know of any unique or strange effects, transformations or other fun things in the game? Have you seen someone do something odd and wondered how they did it?

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