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Choose my Adventure: Star Wars [please wait...] Galaxies

As they say, the best laid plans of mice and men... This week, my adventure involved fighting a whole new foe that I hadn't yet encountered in my time with Star Wars Galaxies. A beast more fearsome to any MMO player than the biggest, baddest raid boss: overwrought server hamsters. But I'd note that while that particular portion of the week was very disappointing, there were some other very nice parts to this week's playtime. There simply wasn't nearly as much of it as I'd hoped for.

Curious as to what this week held (aside from a surprising amount of staring at a login screen)? Come join me after the break and check out the gallery below to see where my adventures led this week! Also, there's a poll this week, offering you the chance to pick what direction I'll be doing in my upcoming adventure as a new pilot!

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This week started as the others have run thus far: continuing the legacy questline and picking up other side missions on the way. Landing in Mos Espa, I was directed to seek out a merchant all the Star Wars fans out there should know well. Because of the time period that Star Wars Galaxies is set in, this is an older, more pleasant version of Watto than you might expect. Indeed, he turned out to be downright helpful. I was able to chase down some parts I needed and was introduced to some of the local podracing contingent. I also managed to land a speederbike, which I then upgraded to a swoop.

Amusingly enough, the reward for proving myself to the podracers by racing around was... wait for it... another swoop!

So now, in possession of two shiny new swoops, and coming ever closer to getting off this sandy chunk of rock to head for Naboo, I was told about an upcoming roleplaying event that I needed to check out. Two kind players, Laryssa Dotan of the Imperial Navy, and Qaaria Lynn, who holds the title "Novice Collector", offered to help me with getting started in roleplay in Star Wars Galaxies, which I happily accepted.

First, I took a tour of an amazing Imperial player-created city, Aventine Spaceport, which was to be the site of the large player gathering that was happening. Not only was Laryssa gracious with her time and advice (note to new Jedi RPers: don't show up in Jedi gear to an Imperial event unless you want to get arrested and carted off), but she additionally took the time to show me some of the impressive decor and structures people had built up. The interesting thing to me was how they'd taken the basic buildings, then inserted dividers, consoles, furniture, and more to completely change the floor plan. They managed to create intimate nooks, offices, and even rooms for rent! Aside from that, there were a number of interesting uses of vet rewards, player-crafted items, and heavens knows what else -- some of which you'll see in the gallery!

Thanking Laryssa for her time and help, I said goodbye and headed offline to dream of backstories -- just precisely what life might be like on Tatooine for a young twi'lek Jedi.

The next night, I logged in, excited at what the evening held in store. I was determined to take Laryssa's advice and get some less target-prone clothing, since most of the people who would be in attendance would be elder players of the game. There would have been zero chance of successfully "resisting" arrest. Much more likely, I would have been incapacitated and dragged off to the nearest holding cell.

To say there's a variety of stores on Tatooine is a rather large understatement. However, unlike the buildings in Laryssa's orderly Imperial port city, the first stores I visited were smack in the middle of all that jumbled player housing I'd stumbled across before. From tiny huts with a couple of vendors and a handful of seemingly unrelated items to grand buildings filled with a riot of color and a handful of other players, they pretty well offered everything -- well, except that outfit that jumped out and said "buy me!"

After spending some time wandering from store to store, trying to find some men's clothing that caught my eye (really, there are tons of nice dresses, but I didn't see as many options for guys) I was again rescued by a friendly vet player -- Qaaria -- who offered to take me to a place she knew of for men's clothing: Sa'jah Sosumi's shop. With the selection out of the way, her friendly advice of a yellow muscle shirt given, and a couple of odd targeting/emoting issues smoothed out, I was really excited about attending the roleplaying event, even going so far as to discuss how I'd play him, since I normally play characters that are my own gender. We decided to head outside and wait out the last little bit before the event started.

Sadly, it was not to happen:

At least not this week. Even still, I have my shiny new RP outfit, and am quite determined to attend something before I finish out the series -- server hamsters be damned! However, another interesting choice has come up -- by avoiding taking the piloting missions thus far, thereby avoiding the recruiters, I appear to have also avoided that nasty question of faction. Thus, this week, I leave that up to you! This week's poll will close on Friday night (assuming it works, anyway) so you've got a couple of days to decide my fate as a pilot.


Until next week, I'll leave you with this nifty video I found on YouTube, showing off some of the ships that can also be used as housing, as well as a taste of space combat. In the meantime, I'll be watching for more RP events coming up and getting my flightsuit ready!

Also, If you'd like to suggest a fun in-game roleplay event I should check out (read: you wouldn't mind a total noob stumbling through), please let me know in the comments below. Hopefully those hamsters will be in a better mood next time.

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