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Flickr find: Creative Griffin case mod nets owner a family of cases


If there's anything we love to hear about here at TUAW, it's great customer service. Reader Cristina made our morning with a story of how the team at Griffin Technology went out of their way to turn a bad situation into a happy one for everybody involved.

Cristina had purchased a standard Griffin Reveal case with white sides to protect her iPhone 4. After a few weeks, she noticed that the "sides got really nasty," so she decided to bring it up to Griffin. She contacted customer service at the company through their website, talking to a customer service agent named Curt.

The two talked for a bit about the issue. Curt wanted to see the case to view the damage and also asked why Cristina couldn't just return the Reveal to Best Buy. Well, a quick glance at the case shown that she had modified the case into "Lester," who you can see at right. Yes, a pair of stick-on googly eyes and a red smear of paint had given the plain case a personality and a name.

Curt was in awe of the case mod, and mentioned that it would look good on his desk. Curt offered to send Cristina two new Reveals (one black, one white) if she'd send Lester back to the company. Cristina agreed, but only with the guarantee that Curt would take good care of Lester.

A few days later, Cristina received the black Reveal case. Yesterday, she received a much larger box containing what she thought would be the white case. Much to her surprise, inside were six Griffin Reveal cases, all with names and faces except for one labeled "Design your own."

You can view Cristina's new family of cases in her Flickr gallery.

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