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Installing iMovie HD 6 without iLife '08

Sang Tang

When iLife '08 and '09 came out, I was pretty happy about all of the new bells and whistles -- except for iMovie, that is. As much as I wanted to like the completely revamped iMovie, to me it was as tasty as "New Coke" when compared to Coca-Cola Classic.

When Apple released iLife '08, it provided a free download (which is no longer available, so I hope that you saved it) of iMovie HD 6, and it could live alongside of iMovie '08 harmoniously.

However, let's say that you've just completed a fresh install of Mac OS X, and you want to install both iMovie HD 6 and the latest version of iLife, iLife '09. That's not the most straightforward of tasks. First, you'll have to install iLife '08, because the Apple-provided, free download of iMovie HD 6 does a check to see if you have iLife '08 installed; if you don't have it, you can't proceed. Your next step is to install iMovie HD 6 and then install iLife '09.

With this little tip, you can save 10 minutes of your life and install iMovie HD 6 without iLife '08.

  • First, mount the .dmg file of the iMovie HD 6 download that Apple provided (I hope you kept it).
  • After it's mounted, right-click on the installation package and select "show package contents."
  • In the "Contents" folder, double-click on this file: "Archive.pax.gz." This archive will extract its contents to a folder named "Archive," which you'll need to locate.
  • Inside the Archive folder, you'll find a folder named "Applications," and living in this Applications folder, you'll find the "iMovie HD" app. Just drag it over to your Applications folder, and you're all set.

Readers, tell us what you think. Did it take you a while to fully embrace the '08 and '09 versions of iMovie, or do you still wholeheartedly prefer iMovie HD 6?

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