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iPad moves closer to sale in China


On Monday, the iPad moved one small step closer to the Chinese market when it received the China Compulsory Certification from the China Quality Certification Center. Other certifications will be necessary, but this important first step has been taken.

The Chinese government will ultimately determine if and when the device is sold. Before that happens, it will be subject to other regulating bodies like China's Telecommunications Equipment and Certification Center.

Liu Liang with the consulting group iResearch suggests that the iPad would sell well in China, despite competition from other devices. "The iPad is a top tier device," he said, "and the Apple brand has a great deal of influence among consumers."

You'll remember the trouble Apple had before bringing the iPhone to the Chinese market. Initially, wireless devices were required to use China's own WAPI standard, a measure that was relaxed earlier this year, when devices were allowed to have both WAPI and Wi-Fi. Since then, the iPhone has gone on to sell very well.

Apple has not announced formal plans to sell the iPad in China, but (slow) progress is being made. Here's hoping our friends in China can get their hands on iPads soon.

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