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Meego for In-Vehicle Infotainment 1.0 launched today, all testing recommended on a closed course

Darren Murph

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We got a glimpse into the world of MeeGo for In-Vehicle Infotainment late last month when BMW, GM, Hyundai and a few others announced that the fledgling OS would one day show up front and center in their motorcars, and now v1.0 is out for the world to try. Of course, we'd probably recommend a helmet and a wide open -- preferably private -- roadway before you let a barely-tested system take over critical functions in your vehicle, but we digress. Those interested in digging into the first public release of MeeGo for IVI can do so right now by visiting the source link, and while we still aren't hopeful that this will begin supplanting existing (awful) infotainment systems in the very near future, at least we've got some progress to smile about. Head on past the break for a brief overview.

[Thanks, vgrade]

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