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Safari Extension highlight: A Cleaner YouTube


With the addition of the
Safari Extensions Gallery to Apple's website over the last few days, TUAW will be highlighting extensions that we think are special, useful, or just plain fun.

Here's a nice extension for those who visit YouTube but dislike its visual clutter. A Cleaner YouTube by 200ok Web Consulting removes all of the ads, sidebar items, comments and pretty much everything else that isn't the video you're watching. Once installed, simply shows a search field. Enter your criteria and hit return to review the neatly-presented results.

Select a video to watch and it appears centered in a field of white all by its lonesome. Nice, eh?You'll notice that some features are missing, like comments and the embed link, but who needs those, right? The developer says that comments at least are in the works.

If you like things to be nice and tidy, check out A Cleaner YouTube.

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