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Fansites offering keys to the Final Fantasy XIV beta

Eliot Lefebvre

If you're eagerly anticipating Final Fantasy XIV's release, can't wait through the next fifty-odd days until the collector's edition is available, and don't feel like playing prior games in the series to take the edge off... well, you might be in luck. Square-Enix is continuing to reach out to the fan community, and the upcoming third phase of beta testing coincides with not one, not two, but three different beta pass giveaways around the web.

Eorzeapedia, FFXIVCore, and ZAM are all offering readers a chance at winning a pass to the next phase of beta testing, with each requiring a slightly different sequence for participation. While the exact date for the next stage of Final Fantasy XIV's beta has not yet been announced, it's known to be some time toward the middle of August, which means at worst a month or so before the special edition of the game goes live. Head on over to your site of choice and enter to win if you want in on the testing -- and let's be honest, what fan doesn't?

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