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Global Agenda's Todd Harris talks player loyalty and the future

Jef Reahard

Global Agenda is fairly unique in the massive genre, not only for its blend of sci-fi setting and shooter mechanics but also for the fact that the development team at Hi-Rez Studios is renowned for actually listening to its playerbase. Producer Todd Harris recently sat down with Lorehound for an interesting interview that shows the Atlanta-based game-makers still have their finger on the pulse of Global Agenda's communal desires.

Harris touches on crafting additions, endgame raid content, and new PvP maps as specific community ideas actively being kicked around in the dev cave, and also goes into a bit of detail regarding the team's appreciation for the loyalty shown by Global Agenda's early adopters. "The folks playing AvA are our most dedicated and accomplished players, and we've changed the rules on them a lot! I know that has led to some player burnout or frustration," he says. Harris goes on to illustrate how the title's evolving endgame wouldn't be possible without player feedback, and concludes by dropping a hint regarding the game's forthcoming achievement system.

Be sure and check out the full interview over at Lorehound.

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