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LittleBigPlanet 2 'Adventure' trailer fits like a Power Glove

There is plenty for LittleBigPlanet fans to soak up in the newest trailer for the customizable platformer's upcoming sequel. The most tantalizing clips offer a look at some of the new tools Sackboy will have at his disposal, including the Grappling Hook, Creatinator (used as a Shadow Complex-esque Foam Gun in this particular video) and the Power Gloves, which appear to allow Sackboy to lift enemies and objects and toss them at other things, Super Mario Bros. 2 style.

The PlayStation.Blog post revealing the trailer also gives a few hints about the game's plot, which sees Sackboy protecting "Craftworld" from the nefarious, vacuum cleaner-shaped Negativatron in an "epic adventure through time and space." Check out the video below the jump, and, as is the case with most of Media Molecule's marketing videos, get your tapping toe ready for a workout.

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