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Ngmoco releases We Farm in the US, celebrates three million We Rulers with free mojo


Ngmoco's free to play strategy is spooling right along -- not only is its We Farm title now available on the US App Store (it arrived late last week after a short beta in Canada), but the company is also celebrating three million We Rule players by awarding everybody 20 free mojo. New players can get their mojo by downloading the app and logging in, or old players can just say hi, even if you've been away for a while (and all of your crops have withered up). Ngmoco also shared some fun stats about those three million kingdoms: players have played for 2.2 billion minutes collectively so far, and have built 70 times the number of buildings in New York City, with enough roads to go around the Earth three times over. Pretty wild.

Still, as big as three million is, it's still not quite a breakaway hit -- Zynga's Street Racing Facebook game once claimed three million players, and it was recently shut down in favor of Zynga's other more popular title. I would definitely call We Rule a hit, and given that Ngmoco's plan has always been to push for a large free audience to try and claim a percentage of those folks for microtransactions, I think Neil Young's company is pulling off what it set out to do. But even with numbers this big, the App Store's not quite scratching the surface of what the most popular Facebook games are achieving.

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