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APB weapon and mission changes incoming

Jef Reahard

All Points Bulletin's 1.3.1 patch is nearly upon us, and the forthcoming update will bring about significant changes to both weapons and missions. The patch, currently scheduled for August 10th, addresses problems with continuous, full auto-fire on both the N-Tec and the OCA-EW automatic weapons. Each gun has had its base accuracy lowered in addition to several other balance-related tweaks.

Realtime Worlds' lead system designer JerichoNA, posting on the official forums, pre-emptively addresses concerns players might have regarding the testing and implementation of weapon tweaks such as these. "It''s not simply as a concession to people raising concerns on the forums. When weapon balance issues come up, we correlate these with feedback from our QA department and from team members who play regularly on the live service," he writes.

In addition to the weapon tweaks, criminal vs. criminal matchmaking has been disabled, as have been system-generated bounties. The full patch notes will be available this Tuesday. In the meantime, check out the details on the official forums.

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