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AT&T U-verse Mobile launches on August 9, $75 iTunes credit if you sign up for a TV package

Chris Ziegler

AT&T's been talking about its all-new U-verse Mobile app for the iPhone since CTIA back in March, and documents we've just received suggest that it's finally launching this coming Monday, August 9. What's the difference between this and the existing U-verse app that you can download right now? Well, the big one is that you'll be able to download 'from a library of hit TV shows' directly to your iPhone when you're connected to WiFi if you have a subscription to U-verse's U300 or U450 packages. Speaking of U300 and U450, if you're a new or existing iPhone customer and you sign up for one of those packages in an AT&T store between August 9 and November 6, they'll flip you a whopping $75 iTunes gift card for your trouble -- though you won't receive it for four to six weeks after activation, unfortunately. Check out the gallery below for all the juicy details.

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Gallery: AT&T U-verse Mobile launches Monday, $75 iTunes credit if you sign up for a TV package | 4 Photos

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