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CableLabs demos multiroom DVR and DLNA servers

Ben Drawbaugh

In recent comments to the FCC the NCTA and its members were proud to exclaim how innovative its set-top boxes were, while we still laugh at their pitifully small hard drives, hideous user interfaces and the down right unpleasant experience they provide. But to be fair the cable providers do innovate, it is just 5-10 years behind the retail market. So in the same light, CableLabs held a tech demo recently and showed multi-room DVRs and set-top boxes with DLNA servers built in. Now both of these features should've been old news years ago, but will be welcomed even today since the majority of valuable content is delivered via cable companies. The DLNA aspect is actually an interesting one as we remember how odd it was when that very group issued a press release during CES that included quotes from most of the big cable companies who were sharing their love for DLNA. Of course that was 8 months ago and we are just now seeing a demo, so you can probably expect to see it hit your set-top in about 4 or 5 more years.

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