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Microsoft taking on the Mac again

Mel Martin

Microsoft is slamming Apple with a new web page filled with comparisons. The company believes Windows PCs are better for having fun, simplicity, working hard, sharing, compatibility and choice. In the process of highlighting differences, the Microsoft team delivers some howlers; check out the Compatibility tab, for instance, and see if you can find the slightest mention of the company's own soon-to-be-revised Office suite for Mac.

While all these issues are debatable, it's another round fired in what has been a continuing artillery barrage originating from Apple (with the I'm a Mac ads) and Microsoft (I'm a PC, Seinfeld, Windows 7 was my idea, etc.) via their respective advertising agencies.

Most of these shots at Apple are quite lame, like 'Macs don't like to share', (Bonjour anyone?) but some hit closer to the mark (no Blu-ray drives on the Mac). Dive in and find your own wacky claim! It's fun for the whole family.

Another day, another battle. Microsoft may be worried about recent reports that Apple is making big gains in higher education, or maybe the iPad and the iPhone have Redmond feeling jittery. As far as I'm concerned, it's just good competition, which makes everyone better.

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