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UK gamers finally get a taste of overpriced immersion with the PS3 X-Dream Gyroxus motion chair (video)

Tim Stevens

Leaning in your chair while gaming? It's a natural thing -- we all do it. However, it's rare that the chair helps, doing its part to increase the thrill factor by tipping you even closer to the laminate flooring. That's exactly what the X-Dream Gyroxus Gaming Chair offers, motion gaming in a somewhat portable package rather more friendly for the living room than some alternatives we've seen. However, it's also rather more limited, working with either the Xbox 360 or PS3, courtesy of custom controllers, but having no room for a wheel and pedals, so Gran Turismo junkies will have to choose between this and their G27. Then there's the cost: a rather steep £399.95. If that doesn't sound bad, consider that this chair has been available to rumble American behinds for over two years now and is currently selling for $250 -- well less than half what UK gamers are being asked to pay. Worth the premium? Let the video after the break be your guide.

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