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Chronicles of Spellborn servers going offline next month


After a few years of service in various incarnations, Playdom's Chronicles of Spellborn MMO is calling it quits and will be shutting down its servers next month. Recent server outages are unrelated, apparently, but the game, which started out as a pay-to-play title and then redeveloped as a free-to-play game after the original developers went bankrupt, will be done for good at the end of September, according to an email from a company representative. The game still had a small but active community, and they've started the usual Internet petition to try and keep it online.

We contacted Disney to see what part, if any, it might have had in the game's shutdown, given that it now presumably oversees the property, but the House of Mouse declined a comment. Whoever decided to pull the plug, looks like the Chronicles has reached its last page.

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