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ESRB: Hudson setting up 'My Aquarium' on PS3


My Aquarium, a $5 WiiWare app that allows players to design and populate a virtual fish tank, is headed to the PlayStation 3, according to an ESRB listing. The content description reveals such scintillating features as the option to "learn facts about a variety of different species," and the ability to "use rocks, plants, and coral formations to customize their tank." But it wasn't a hit on WiiWare for its engaging gameplay. My Aquarium's appeal is in its function as a sort of customizable screensaver, which would only be enhanced by an HD port.

Meanwhile, My Aquarium 2 was released on WiiWare today. Kind of weird timing for a reveal of a ported version of the original, which, we suppose, is why we're seeing an ESRB "leak" today and not an official Hudson announcement.

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