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Borderlands DLC 'Claptrap's New Robot Revolution' due in September


The fourth piece of Borderlands DLC, "Claptrap's New Robot Revolution," will be available in September on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC for $10. You've read the "draft" info on the latest expansion, now here's the official word: the vault hunters are being sent to suppress a Claptrap uprising and will come face to face monocle with the infamous Ninja Assassin. The DLC introduces 20 new missions, Claptrap-modded beasts (crab-traps, rakk-traps and skag-trapps), more skill points, more backpack slots and, most importantly, more LOOT!

2K's announcement makes no mention of the unconfirmed Borderlands GOTY edition, which we suspect will offer the original game alongside all four expansions later this year.

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