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City of Heroes releases flyover for Imperial City and Neutropolis

Eliot Lefebvre

We've got a treat for City of Heroes players today, one that should provide more than a few smiles -- a video flyover of two more zones from Going Rogue. Where the first video previewed the core of the capital and the (ideally invisible) underground, this one focuses on the Imperial City and Neutropolis. The former is the region where the vast majority of Praetorian citizens live and work every day, while the latter highlights the almost-otherworldly (pun intended) technology under development.

While cityscapes are nothing new for the game's environs, the Imperial City is a cut above anything that's previously been featured. The billboards stand out, the architecture is unique, and at times the game almost looks like something other than City of Heroes entirely. With less than a week until Going Rogue's release, it won't be long before players get to experience these environments for themselves -- but until then, you can take a look at the video past the cut.

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