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Completely bizarre 'LSD' game coming to PSOne Classics

So, LSD: Dream Emulator is the weirdest game ever made by anybody. After becoming entranced by the hours of footage from the game currently on YouTube, we feel like we can make that statement with complete certainty. The game features no plot or any goals to speak of whatsoever -- it only tasks the player with taking short, ten-minute jaunts through areas inspired by a dream journal kept by a staff member of its Japanese developer, Asmik Ace Entertainment, who may or may not have been tripping on LSD at the time.

If that sounds like something you can get behind, you'll be pleased to learn the game's creator, Osamu Sato, recently announced on Twitter that the game would be coming to the PSOne Classics storefront on PSN. Of course, it's unlikely the game will come to the U.S. store, as the title was never localized for the States. That's no problem, though -- you might be able to find it at your favorite online auctions site for upwards of $200. That's a small price to pay for immeasurable weirdness!

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