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Earthrise interview sheds more light on sci-fi sandbox

Jef Reahard

Earthrise is one of those sandbox games that almost sounds too good to be true, and so we read with interest any tidbit that comes our way regarding the upcoming science fiction MMORPG from Masthead Studios. Whether we're looking at the player/crafter-driven economy, the limitless skill system, the faction-less PvP, or the intriguing social gameplay, Earthrise never fails to elicit a raised eyebrow. The latest bit of info is courtesy of and its interview with Masthead producer Atanas Atanasov and lead writer Momchil Dilov.

Atanasov and Dilov cover a lot of ground in the interview, talking about the lack of pre-defined player roles in comparison to traditional MMOs, as well as the fact that gameplay will evolve primarily due to the choices available to players (and their inevitable consequences). The skill system is also discussed, and, though no concrete details are given, Dilov does mention the fact that players aren't restricted in terms of what skills they can learn, nor is there any need for a respec mechanic. Dilov also makes clear that the crafting system is intended to be similarly complex and dynamic, with the learning curve evolving over time based on the ever-changing economy.

"Earthrise will bring a breath of fresh air to the MMO genre, which is choking with class-based or free-to-play titles that introduce a lot of limitations to the player. We are going in a direction that I believe many people are looking for," Atanasov says.

[Thanks to Super Healer for the tip.]

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