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Samsung adds ISDB-Tb reception for Brazil's Galaxy S

Chris Ziegler

By and large, mobile TV services across the globe have rallied around DVB-H, T-DMB, and ATSC Mobile, but a couple strange (and very important) bedfellows ended up going a different direction: Japan and Brazil, both of whom use variants of ISDB-T. In Japan, the service is more commonly known as one-seg, and Brazil's localized version goes by the rather unwieldy ISDB-Tb. Got that? Good -- because Samsung's prepping yet another flavor of its Android-powered Galaxy S for the local Brazilian market, and the addition of an integrated ISDB-Tb tuner should be just what the doctor ordered to take advantage of that lovely 4-inch Super AMOLED display. It's got Android 2.1 (though Froyo should be in the cards) and most of the other features you're already accustomed to from other Galaxy S launches; one notable exception, though, is the addition of mobile hotspot capability, something that normal comes stock in Android 2.2. It's coming in September, apparently for a whopping 2,399 reals which works out to something in the neighborhood of $1,367 -- fully unlocked, we hope.

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