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The Daily Grind: When have you gotten dramatic?

Eliot Lefebvre

Nobody likes drama in an MMO. We might enjoy pretending to have drama, but actual explosions and confrontations between players aren't anyone's idea of a good time. After all, most of us get enough of that every day at work or school. And while a small portion of a game's playerbase will throw a tantrum any time the world doesn't bow and scrape to their whims, for the most part, players understand that no one wants to play nanny. Everyone behaves like mature adults.

But there comes a time when you don't. It's a simple human frailty that sooner or later, the stars will align and you will throw a world-class tantrum about how someone else got the Ultimate Orb of Perfect Energy. All of us have done it, and odds are most of us will wind up doing it again. So when have you lost your composure and started some epic drama? Do you feel bad about it in hindsight?

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