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The Queue: Mike Sacco vs. the World (of Warcraft)

Michael Sacco

Welcome back to The Queue,'s daily Q&A column where the team answers your questions about the
World of Warcraft. Mike Sacco will be your host today.

The only bad thing about The Queue is that I eventually have to stop playing the Scott Pilgrim game to write it. Life is about sacrifices.

Cbeefman asked:

Does anyone know if dual-wield tanking is still viable in Cataclysm? I know even now people say DW tanking is crap, but I just love the idea of being this awesome fighter charging headlong into battle with no shield and being the tank.

In Cataclysm, the blood tree is the only tanking tree available for death knights; given that death knights were the only class with the option to tank while dual-wielding, it's safe to say that that particular playstyle is dead and buried come patch 4.0.

Alpha5099 asked:

What happened to Lil' XT? He's still available on the Korean and European Blizzard stores but seems to have been removed from the U.S. site.

Digital items in the store have an invisible "quantity" that can sometimes run out. Blizzard eventually "restocks" them by adjusting the quantity again once it reaches zero. Near as I can tell, it just hasn't been "restocked" yet.

Sinnh asked:

So. I will be buying Cataclysm on release day, but after the craziness and overpopulation following Wrath release, I plan to spend the first weeks (months?) finishing BC reps. I may fly over the world to take in the new scenery, but I'm stearing clear of new content until things cool off. Question is, anyone else feel me, or am I just crazy?

This isn't necessarily an answer to your question, just an anecdote. Some of you guys may know that I worked at Blizzard for a few years. I came in a few months before the original Naxxramas patch came out. Starting out on the ground floor as a GM, I got to experience the thrill of launching The Burning Crusade firsthand (no sarcasm; it was actually a great time).

Now, at least when I first started, harassment tickets were the largest part of the GM work flow, because there were just so many of them. This can be attributed to a few different factors; the harassment policy was a little different at the time, for example. But the main cause was simply that people were bored, and when people get bored, they find ways to entertain themselves. These ways usually involved being a jerk. And we dealt with it, all day every day.

And then BC launched, and suddenly there were no harassment tickets. For at least the first several days, nobody was filing harassment complaints. We were stumped for a while trying to figure out why the number of incoming harassment tickets was so low, and then we figured it out: People were busy. It was WoW's first expansion, and suddenly they had a whole bunch of new stuff to look at and play with. People weren't being jerks because they were too busy being enthralled. Go figure.

Of course, everything went back to normal within a few weeks. But it was pretty heartening, for a time. Love, or at least Outland, conquers all.

Vanillabean asked:

Are there worgen/goblin faction leaders (like Varian Wrynn)? If so, where do they reside?

King Genn Greymane leads the remnants of Gilnean society. He's currently hanging out next to Varian in Stormwind in the beta. Trade Prince Gallywix is the goblin racial leader, but I'm not certain where he hangs out at the moment; he has a palace in Azshara, though.

Klausse asked:

Based on the recently datamined NPC models for Cataclysm, Malfurion appears to be shorter than Jaina, Varian, Sylvanas and Garrosh. What gives? I thought Malfurion was a night elf ...

The image you're referring to has the models out of scale. Malfurion is at least as tall as any other night elf in game.

MonJoe asked:

Of the new hunter races, which ones start with guns and which star with bows?

  • Human: crossbow
  • Dwarf: gun
  • Night elf: bow
  • Draenei: crossbow
  • Worgen: gun
  • Orc: bow
  • Forsaken: crossbow
  • Tauren: bow
  • Troll: bow
  • Blood elf: bow
  • Goblin: gun

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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