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QuakeCon pack on Steam: Every id and Bethesda game for $70


Well, every id and Bethesda game available on Steam, anyway. The QuakeCon 2010 Pack contains enough games to choke a Cacodemon, including titles from the Quake, Doom, Heretic and Elder Scrolls series, Fallout 3 and more. Oh, and also Rogue Warrior. But hey, you still get 27 games for only $70, a savings of over $230.

In related news, the prices of several id mobile games have been slashed as well. Doom Classic and Doom Resurrection have both dropped to a wallet-pleasing $1.99, while Doom 2 RPG and Wolfenstein 3D Classic Platinum have both been knocked down to $0.99. Snag 'em from the App Store quick, because the sale ends August 15.

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