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webOS 2.0, 'Roadrunner' device showing up in app logs?

Chris Ziegler

We know that Palm plans on having webOS 2.0 out of the door this year -- and that it's "aggressively" cranking on its hardware roadmap -- so they've got to be in the later stages of testing at this point if they hope for any retail launches in time for the holidays, right? On that note, the developer responsible for the webOS flavor of Foursquare has noticed both webOS 2.0 entries and references to a new, previously unheard-of device codename "Roadrunner" in his app's logs on webOSroundup's Metrix analytics service; it can all be faked with enough effort, of course, but it would make a lot of sense for Palm's peeps to be testing new hardware and software with some of the more popular apps in the Catalog. For now, we're categorizing this one in the "totally plausible" category until we hear differently -- question is, what form is this Roadrunner gonna take?

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